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Tod’s Handbags

A Style all their own

A woman can get by with grabbing any old bag out of her closet and throwing her belongings inside of it. Many women get by each day by doing just this. However, not women that set out to light their day or evening on fire. A woman that loves to be in style and go out with the confidence that she knows she looks good wants to carry a bag that enhances her look and has her recognized as a woman of good fashion sense. If you are a woman that wants to do more than simply get by, then you are a woman that should be carrying one of the Tod's Handbags, these bags will make an ordinary woman become an extraordinary woman with a style all their own.

The Tod's New Pashmy Handbag is a great looking bag, it features a unique look that makes it stand out from the rest. It is crafted of leather and has gorgeous gold toned hardware. It will bring your look to a higher level by adding its own original look to your look. The New Pashmy features Outside zipper pockets which add to the over all look of this handbag, plus provide you with more room for your items. The top zips closed to offer you security from loosing any items. If you want a bag that you can count on to look good and last a long time, you want to get yourself the Tod's New Pashmy Handbag.

Another remarkable bag is the Tod's Pashmy Bauletto Handbag. This bag comes in black and features beautiful gold toned hardware, making it look extra classy. It has two outside zipper compartments which hold your smaller items for easy access and a zipper top. The Pashmy Bauletto is a versatile handbag that can be used to bring that special something to almost any look. When you want to say something to those around you without speaking, say it with this stunning Tod's Pashmy Handbag.

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You will get to relish in the fact that you made the right fashion choice. Whether you decide to carry the Tod's New Pashmy Handbag, or the Pashmy Bauletto, you will make the right decision which will enhance your style and leave you looking as great as you feel. Each bag has a stylish design that has a look which will fit into almost any look that you are wanting to achieve.

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