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Hermès Dogon Combined Wallet

Hermès Dogon Combined Wallet

Hermès Dogon Combined Wallet - Simple Sophistication

Although appearance is important to most people, there are those special people that like to go beyond what it takes to just look good. They like to make sure that they are making all of the right decisions when it comes to staying fashionable. For these people, their sense of style goes beyond just choosing fashionable attire. It goes all the way to choosing the absolute best wallet that the fashion industry has to offer. They realize the importance of knowing that you are surrounding yourself with all things wonderful. These are the people that take pride in owning a Hermès Dogon Combined Wallet.

This extremely durable and functional wallet comes in stylish colors of gold, red, blue jean, orange, and black. It is crafted of calfskin and includes a signature palladium clou de selle closure. The Hermès Dogon Combined Wallet has five credit card slots that allow you plenty of room to carry your cards with you. It also has a removable change purse which contains two additional credit card slots. This wallet is 8 x 5 inches which makes it the perfect size of wallet. It will fit nicely in your purse, or you can carry it with you comfortably in your hand. With so many colors, you can choose the one that compliments your attire, or your handbag.

When you care about the important things in fashion and style, you know to not overlook the importance of a great looking wallet. The next time you pull out your wallet to pay for that purchase, make sure that you are pulling out one that will make the people around you take notice to your sense of style. Look good from your head to your toes; this includes making sure that you have a Hermès Dogon Combined Wallet in your hand.

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