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Hermes and Their Bags:  A History

In 1837 something happened in fashion, one label was formed that would change history; the Hermes name introduced itself and quickly began to exceed fashion expectations everywhere. What was once a leather shop which made mostly horse gear now provides the most recognized people in the world with accessories such as their favorite scarves and hand bags. When anyone wants to make a fashion statement, they turn to Hermes. This is an amazing transformation form saddle wear to women’s wear.

Actually, it was their ability to introduce firsts in fashion to the world. Whether it is horse gear or women’s accessories, they know how to give the world something new that it needs. Hermes was the first label to get exclusive rights to use the zipper for leather as well as clothing. It was in the year 1922 that Hermes introduced their women’s hand bags, after Émile-Maurice's wife, complained about not being able to find a good hand bag. Since he headed the sole head of business he had that handbag designed for his wife and added them to the collection. It’s a good thing for the fashion world that his wife needed a new hand bag.  No one could have suspected what a drastic impact they would have on the fashion industry.

Today you can see the extent of the Hermes name and how far it has gone in fashion with a simple glance toward Hollywood. Such stars as Paris Hilton, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, and Elizabeth Hurley can be seen sporting Hermes accessories and hand bags. As a matter of fact, anyone that considers themselves to be up on fashion owns something by Hermes. No fashionably correct wardrobe is lacking in including a Hermes piece, if it doesn’t have a Hermes piece then it isn’t fashionably correct.

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Such hand bags as the Hermes Birkin and the Hermes Kelly Bag can be noticed all over Hollywood, they are in magazines clinging to the likes of some of the most elite stars that Hollywood has to offer. Hermes has made a name for them that has far exceeded most companies’ wildest goals. It seems hard to believe that what was a family owned and operated little leather shop could grow to be something so world famous and highly regarded in the fashion industry. When women want to feel sophisticated and fashionable nowadays, they know where to start. They start by carrying a Hermes hand bag.

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