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Be Elegant, Be Chanel

Chanel bags have been known for their exclusivity. Types of bags that are produced are handbags, clutch, tote, shoulder bags, hobos, flap bags, and box bags. These bags have unique styles having gold chains, Chanel logos, quilted stitching, tweed fabrics, and boyishly feminine quality. The bags are made of high-quality materials like lambskin, printed canvas, calfskin, silk, and exotic skins.

The latest collection of Chanel bags is the Spring/Summer 2009 collection. The available styles in Spring/Summer 2009 collection include Chanel 2 Upside down Patent Leather white bag, Chanel Classic Bag in Tweed, Embroidered Chanel 2.55, and Chanel 2.55 Tie Dye Pink Leather.

The Tie Dye Pink Leather is fab and sexy. The lightness of the color brings the subtle style of the bag but still with class. It was made of lambskin carefully dyed to have a fabulous look. The Patent Leather can be a collector’s item.

The Essential handbag of Chanel for the season is a Calfskin reproduction of the 31 Rue Cambon available in white, black, and pink. The sizes available are small, medium, and large. There is also the Two-Color Quilted Shopping bag in white and black.

Chanel Classic Flap in Alligator is a classic and elegant handbag. This bag is available in black color. This is embroidered with pearls on top of the alligator skin. The combination of the materials makes the handbag so elegant that women would dream to have one in their collection. This bag can be seen in Chanel Cruise 2008/2009.

One of the classic handbags that are continually being sought by buyers is the Chanel Classic XL Jumbo Flap. This bag will be re-released by Chanel this early 2009 carrying the name Chanel Maxi Bag. This bag will be available in many colors so the buyers can choose what suits their taste. The bag will be available in lambskin and caviar leather. Chanel continues the elegance of the classic bags that brings sophistication to the buyers.

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Chanel Continued:

The Chanel Spring/Summer 2008 collection contains white bags. These are Chanel Grand Shopping Tote in white, Chanel Timeless CC Satchel, and Chanel Rodeo Drive Hobo in white.

The purse will not be left behind. Chanel has 2.55 Reissue purses on chains that are available in light and dark silver.

If you want to look so fab and sexy at the same time elegant, try the bags of Chanel. Experience the elegance brought by the different styles and models from leather to exotic skins.

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