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Briefcases – Advice on getting the right one

Briefcases – Advice on getting the right one

If a you want to be taken seriously in any business, you need two things: a great suit and an even better briefcase. These two things will stay in an persons mind longer than a conversation will. Briefcases are no longer the leather monstrosities of the past. They now can show a persons individual style or wealth. If you are looking to break into the corporate world, then you need to keep reading!

A sling or messenger bag is a great way to show personal style. It offers functionality along with showing others that you are into today's trends. Thanks to the ever changing acceptable norm, sling or messenger bags have hit all new heights across corporate American despite their humble beginnings on the backs of bike messengers in New York City. These bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Manufacturers have taken their cues from fashionistas and use a lot of mix and match materials for their bags like canvass and bamboo. The bag can be carried across the body, over one shoulder like a purse or you can carry it by it's straps. The bags are all the rage, and they are hot, hot, hot!

If the sling style bag is not your "bag", you can always opt for the accordion style.  Accordion style bags are a mix between a sling bag and a traditional briefcase. These bags are perfect for the organized professional on the go, who need to be able to access plans or papers at a moments notice. Most of these bags come in a variety of different materials and there are many colors to choose from. And who says business wear needs to be drab?

If you absolutely have to have a briefcase for you to feel legitimate, then have no fear, it's still cool to have one. A hot trend today is getting titanium or all metal, hard core briefcases. This symbolically shows clients and other businessmen that you are no-nonsense with a flair for being fashion forward. And women will look at you with more interest trying to figure out what you are hiding in there! A metal briefcase conjures up spy-like tendencies with an air of muted aggression, and that can make or break a deal in business. The titanium alloy briefcases offer sophistication and protect your important documents without being pretentious.

With so many choices out there, it should be no trouble updating your style. Research your options online first and then see if the style you like is available locally; you might be able to get a great deal! Business fashion designers realize the face of corporate America is changing and they need to change with the times. If you want to be the best in business, you have to look the best...or be really good at pretending to be the best! If you can accomplish a simple, stylish look you can get jump start your career, and it may not hurt looking professional on the dating front. Now, quit surfing the net and wasting time online!

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